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(NO MORE) adjustments

From Healing to Empowerment, A Black Woman Evolves in Real Time

Playwright: Champagne Hughes

Director: Leigh Rondon-Davis

Dramaturg: Jeunée Simon


May 1 - 5, 2024

Wed/Thu/Fri at 8pm;

Sat/Sun at 4pm

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

Where should we exit the dream? Should I take a moment to breathe? Is this story mine, or can it be given to others? 


Playwright Champagne Hughes is an artist in transition, full of questions, doubts, and boundless determination. Through immersive storytelling, therapeutic techniques, interactive call-and-response, and ceremonial songs and dance, Hughes sets out to reclaim her story, expel her trauma, and invite audiences to bear witness and do the same. 


Based on real-life experiences navigating personal, artistic, and academic spaces, Hughes’ (NO MORE) adjustments explores the imperfectly cathartic act of creating live theater, asking you into her heart and mind as she traces one Black woman’s journey from healing to empowerment, all on stage, in real time.


Hughes’ work is being supported by LHT’s New Black Voices Mentorship Program, which provides developmental and production opportunities for emerging playwrights to receive support and mentorship while creating socially impactful pieces relevant to their communities— from initial inspiration, to completed script, to a fully realized production.



“One of the most profound aspects of my work in the arts is its ability to facilitate healing,” says Hughes. “It’s incredibly rewarding to know that my work can create an environment where individuals can connect with their own emotions, experiences, and, ultimately, find solace and healing through the shared journey of storytelling.”

- Champagne Hughes




CHAMPAGNE HUGHES (she/her) is the Director of Taboo Communications and Experience in the Bay Area. Known for her contributions to the Arts as an administrator, actor, and producer, she has collaborated with prestigious theater houses such as the American Conservatory Theater, Beach Blanket Babylon, Berkeley Repertory Theater, and The Flight Deck. Hughes produced several dinner shows and worked with The Los Angeles NAACP Theater Awards Festival as an Operations Manager. She's played dynamic roles in productions like The Human Ounce (Central Works Theater), Othello, Macbeth (African American Shakespeare Company), Clybourne Park (Altarena Theater), Down Here Below, Romeo and Juliet (Oakland Theatre Project). 

Hughes graduated from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) with a Counseling Psychology Masters degree, emphasizing in Drama and Sex Therapy. Her mission is to transform societal attitudes toward human sexuality, establish best practices for role closure and repair, name oppressive systems that hinder healing, and provide emotional support through a pleasure-centered, intersectional lens. After graduation, she plans to develop a private practice under one of her three nonprofits, Loverse Lane, Inc. Her goal is to provide therapeutic services for a diverse range of individuals. Hughes also aims to partner with theater companies to offer emotional support programs for local artists and live performances. Currently, she's working on an original performance piece that explores life issues faced by black men, with hopes of securing funding for this endeavor to provide more support groups for this community. In addition to her theater and psychology pursuits, Hughes serves as a Behavioral Health Clinician, offering specialized mental health and crisis prevention services in San Francisco County, including support for homeless shelters in the Tenderloin area. For inquiries and more information, please contact:

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