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Margo Hall is an extraordinary Bay Area artist and visionary. Since first meeting her many moons ago through Bay Area Playwrights Festival, I felt a kindred spirit and a trust in her as a director that she would fully protect the integrity of my work. I'm thrilled to know that so many more artists will have the pleasure of working with her and being nurtured by her vision. It's exactly the way things ought to be."



Award-winning playwright

The Lorraine Hansberry couldn't be getting a greater gift that they will in Margo Hall. An amazing theater artist, she is well versed in both classical and contemporary works, and has a deep well of knowledge of Black Theater. She knows how to lead with head and heart, and will be nothing short of a wonderful asset. Congratulations to Margo on her appointment, and to the Lorraine Hansberry for making a great choice."



Tony Award-winning actor

I can’t think of a better person to take the helm of The Lorraine Hansberry Theatre. Margo’s heart, commitment, passion, drive and leadership will now be on full display as she will strive to champion this next important and critical chapter the evolution of the theatre and its practices. I know that her voice will be heralded not only in the Bay Area but on the national stage.”



Award-winning actor, writer, director, producer 

Congratulations to Margo Hall and to the Lorraine Hansberry Theater for entrusting their powerful legacy in her intelligent, inspiring, and visionary hands. I am so excited to have her voice at the leadership table as we all work together to move the entire industry into a better, more inclusive, complexly diverse and generationally dynamic future."



Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

There are a very rare few artists that embody the talent, passion, and intellect of Margo Hall.  She is a dynamic actor, director, educator, and activist and an unparalleled icon in the Bay Area with a long standing commitment to the work of the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre. I could not imagine a more compelling leader than Margo Hall to build on the its rich legacy and guide the theatre into the future."



Artistic Director, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

To say Margo Hall is a force is an understatement. She's a mountain. A raging and compassionate fire. It has been one of my great joys to be in her presence and be warmed by her flames, her deep diving into work in a way that is humbling and that of a true master artist.” 



Award-winning actor and playwright

I can think of no fiercer advocate, no greater champion for artists, than Margo Hall. That she has chosen to bring that mighty voice to the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre offers me, especially in this moment, such great hope. This is the beginning of a new Renaissance in Bay Area theater, and such an extraordinary gift to our community and our field. Make way."



Artistic Director, California Shakespeare Theater

Margo Hall loves theater and it loves her too. It is in her DNA as a director, educator and actor. In this moment in time, her artistic vision and guidance will uphold the promise of the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, showcasing and developing the diversity of African American Theater.”



Co-director, House/Full of Blackwomen 

I cannot think of a better, more powerful leader for Lorraine Hansberry Theatre than Margo Hall. She is one of the most wildly talented, intelligent, engaged artists in this country. She inspires and guides me through profound commitment to excellence in artistry, serving community and fighting for equity. This is such good news!”



Chief  Producer, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Margo Hall is a Queen. She be the Dame Hall. For us- she orchestrates and produces
as Quincy Jones does in music and movies. Yes, she does all that for our theatre and
our communities.

A leader, a fire, a force. The lineage of all the Soul and Fight of Detroit, Michigan, and
the evolving revolution of a righteous resident of the Bay Area! Margo sees it all, feels
things deep, and brings it all out of us all- actors, audiences, collaborators, civilians.
I am one of the legion of fans of Margo Hall, but let me say, beyond total fanaticism-
I have beheld Margo's powers and potential over the years. She came here ready and
able to produce the finest and fiercest work witnessed on these Bay Area stages.
What is clearly evident is Margo's immense talent, her unending abilities, and her
relentless realness. What you may not note- is that she has ALWAYS been ready to
lead-- And now she can lead rightfully: out front, empowered, and supported.
From my time sharing stages and more intimately being in our group Campo Santo
together since 1996- Margo has always had the real overseeing vision, the overarching
artistry, the inherited entertainment jewels. She is a Queen.

We live in a society that fails to acknowledge true power- a Black Women of art and
integrity at Center. And now she is rightfully leading. And the legacy shall grow, rooted
in the Shero Lorraine Hansberry, through the maverick work of Stanley Williams and
Quentin Easter- we are ready for now and the next.

Though we should not need to be on any kind of "the first"- especially as it relates to
Black Folx and definitely not as it relates to the source- Black Women. And yet here
we are.. just so you know, Margo BEEN ready, and she will come with the REAL, and
the time is high for us to RISE under her wave. To pull a version from one of her
hometown groups:

Get ready, cause here she come!"



Co-Founder & Program Director, Campo Santo

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