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The Dance on Widow's Row

By Samm-Art Williams

Directed by AeJay Mitchell

The Dance on Widow's Row, Samm-Art Williams’ hit comedic play, depicts four wealthy widows who invite the area's four most eligible bachelors to an intimate soiree for eight.

Having already buried nine husbands altogether, they know that neighbors' tongues will wag like the tail of a starving dog with the key to the butcher shop; but they are willing to defy town mores and  endure vicious gossip if there is a chance that they will meet “Mr. Right” tonight. The Dance on Widow's Row is a light comedy about death, dating and superstition - - or, more specifically, about how hard it can be for a woman to get a date after she's buried a few husbands.

(NOTE: Photo from Production of The Dance on Widows' Row presented by The American Negro Playwright Theatre in Nashville, TN).

Thursday, March 25, 2018 at 7:00 PM

FREE Admission. Open to the Public.

446 Randolph Street

San Francisco, CA 94132 

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