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The Lorraine Hansberry Theatre SF

P1V was formed during the economic downturn in years ago to create awareness and support for the many community-building African American theaters whose doors were closing with no hope of re-opening.


Project 1 Voice’s core activity is the coordination of an international, same-day staged reading series that revives and re-introduces forgotten seminal works by playwrights from the African Diaspora, a critical thread in the tapestry of the American theater.


This annual event is called Project1VOICE One Play One Day and takes place on the third Monday in June, each year. This year the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre SF presents "Crumbs From The Table Of Joy".

Project1 VOICE: the story of us

Project 1 Voice (P1V) is a performing arts service organization based in New York City. Their mission is to provide significant support, accessibility and adequate representation for the Black experience in the American theater—an integral sector of the English-speaking theater—through robust programming and innovative partnerships.

Monday June 15, 2020 7:30 pm

Buriel Clay Theater
Ticket Price: FREE

Join us for our Juneteenth celebration on Monday, June 15, 2020 when Lorraine Hansberry Theatre (LHT) in Association with Project1Voice (P1V)  presents a benefit staged reading fundraiser of CRUMBS FROM THE TABLE OF JOY by Lynn Nottage directed by Cathleen Riddley at 7:30 p.m. The reading, being held in the Buriel Clay Theatre in San Francisco, will be preceded by a 6:30 p.m. reception.


One Voice One Play One Day is P1V's signature initiative presented each year on the third Monday in June. This annual event salute to Black theater and playwrights is a nationwide and international event that includes 45 theaters in 3 countries with over 200 coordinated events:

  • theaters and diverse institutions across the country and around the world — One VOICE,

  • staged readings of a classic play or musical by an African-American writer or composer — One PLAY,

  • simultaneously — One DAY.




Please consider making a donation, if you are not able to attend. Your support will help Lorraine Hansberry Theatre continue to present plays by African American and multicultural playwrights and provide employment and career building opportunities for actors, directors, designers, and technicians of color. All local proceeds benefit the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre.


Crumbs from the Table of Joy

Recently widowed Godfrey, and his daughters Ernestine and Ermina, move from Florida to Brooklyn for a better life. Not knowing how to parent, Godfrey turns to religion, and especially to Father Divine, for answers. The girls absorb their new surroundings, but not necessarily religion. Lily, Godfrey's sister-in-law, shows up from Harlem, having promised her sister that if anything ever happened, she'd look out for the girls. Lily, while fascinating to her nieces, stands for everything Godfrey dislikes: communism, sexual freedom and the fight against racial discrimination. As the racial and social issues of the late 1950s escalate, personal issues between Godfrey and Lily explode, prompting him to walk out. A few days later, he returns, with a new wife—a white, German immigrant, Gerte. With Godfrey immersed in religion, Lily claiming to be a part of the new revolution, and quiet, stoic Gerte coming from the horrors of Germany, life in the household gets heated. Ultimately, Lily must leave, seeing as she's neither Godfrey's wife nor the girls' mother. Godfrey and Gerte keep the family together as best they can, but nothing lasts forever. Ernie, about to graduate from high school, gets a job offer from her father, but it's not what she wants to do. Instead, as a young woman in the dawn of a new age, she sets off for Harlem in search of her spiritual mother, Lily, and all of the causes she supposedly stood for during the "revolution."



We are a not-for-profit theatre. DONATIONS and support are always appreciated.

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