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LHT Production: May 11-June 4, 2017

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 HOME by Samm-Art Williams

TICKETS: $15.00-$30.00

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SUBSCRIPTIONS: Adults: $100.00, Seniors: $85.00   (+Convenience Fees)


 3 Play Passport Subscription Package Prices

Needles and Opium 40.00 35.00
HOME     (+$10 more per ticket for Opening Night May 12th) 25.00 20.00
Grandeur 35.00 30.00
*TOTAL per package $100.00 $85.00

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NOTE:  All Sales are FINAL.  No Refunds.  Exchanges can be made pending availability.  A $5 per ticket Exchange Fee will apply.  Partner play dates must be selected no less than two weeks prior to any performance.


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Three (3) Passport Partner Plays Remain in 2017!

March 30–April 23, 2017

NEEDLES and OPIUM at American Conservatory Theatre - LHT PASSPORT PARTNER

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written and directed by Robert Lepage

In NEEDLES and OPIUM, Jazz legend Miles Davis travels to Europe in 1949 to discover the pleasures of Paris, unlock his creativity, and find his heroine in Juliette Gréco. At the same time, French filmmaker Jean Cocteau embarks on his own opium-fueled journey to New York. Individually, the stories are thrilling and heartbreaking, but what elevates this production is the extraordinary storytelling. Visionary Canadian director Robert Lepage mounts his set inside a vast suspended cube, with which he frames interlocking scenes from the different journeys. The result is not only a breathtaking dive into art and exile but also a spellbinding mix of stagecraft and visual storytelling.


May 11-June 4, 2017

HOME - Lorraine Hansberry Theatre Production

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by Samm-Art Williams
directed by Aldo Billingslea

HOME begins on the small farm in South Carolina that Cephus Miles, an orphan, has inherited from his family. Young and strong, he is content to work the land—until his childhood sweetheart rejects him and goes off to college. Not believing in the Vietnam war, Cephus is imprisoned as a draft evader for refusing to serve. By the time he is released, Cephus has lost his land to the tax collector so he heads north to build a new life. With a good job and a slinky new girlfriend, he finds the big city exciting and rewarding. But soon after, the dream begins to fade—Cephus loses his job and becomes involved in drugs and prostitution. Pulling himself together, he returns to South Carolina and settles back on the land with his old sweetheart. Despite all, he has never lost his joyous goodwill, his indomitable spirit and the conviction that one day his quest for fulfillment will be rewarded.


May 31-June 25, 2017


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by Han Ong (World Premiere)
directed by Loretta Greco

Featuring Carl Lumbly, GRANDEUR imagines a meeting between an ambitious young journalist and the shape-shifting music legend, Gil Scott-Heron. Questions of legacy, art, hope, and redemption drive this funny and gut-wrenching exchange.